About the Author


David J. Soler has been called to enrich lives and catalyze success. He is a Christian, firefighter, author, podcaster, sought-after speaker, entrepreneur, and the founder/publisher of Firefighter Toolbox, which is on a mission to build better firefighters and leaders in the fire service.

In his fire service role, David is known for three things: being a student of great firefighting, training and encouraging up-and-coming firefighters and officers, and sharing firefighter and life success principles.

He is the host of iTunes top-rated firefighter training podcast called Firefighter Toolbox Podcast. (He has interviewed legends of the fire service like: Chief Brunacini, FDIC Chief Halton, Chief Rubin, NFA Administrator Dr. Oneial, Army Chief of Fire Training Robert Simmons, Deputy Chief and Author Frank Viscuso and so many more.)

With over 20 years in the fire service, he is a nationally certified fire instructor III, fire officer II, rescue technician, and HAZMAT technician with experience in both urban and rural fire services. He has served in multiple states as both a career and volunteer firefighter. As a captain, he has led company turnarounds in taking low-responding, low-motivated fire companies and turning them into highly-motivated, top-responding fire companies.

David Soler is a second-generation firefighter and has been a firefighter in several states, including New York, New Jersey, and Maryland.

He is an Eagle Scout and has a bachelor’s in management and technology from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (NY). He is married and has two daughters.

To learn more about David or becoming a better firefighter and leader, go to FirefighterToolbox.com.