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The Ultimate Guidebook for Thriving as a Firefighter

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"The Ultimate Guidebook for Thriving as a Firefighter"
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Firefighter Preplan is an inspirational, educational and instructional culmination of advice, ideas and practices that will help develop or enhance anyone's career, especially a fire service career. David's passion to help make better firefighters is clearly evident on these pages. Join him in being a part of the better fire service by reading this and soaking in decades-worth of information so easily.

, Orlando Fire Department (FL) FLTF-4 Search Manager

Wow! Firefighter Preplan is the type of information that is invaluable to the fire service and those that have the desire to be a great firefighter.

I highly encourage those in the fire service to get this book/audio program.

, Baltimore County Fire Dept (MD)

" If you are looking for a book that is honest, straight forward and has no fluff then this is a book for you. Whether you are the new rookie, seasoned Firefighter, Driver Operator or Company Officer this book is something we all should have in our toolbox. David's concept to leave this great profession called the Fire Service better than we found it is something we all should strive for. Firefighter Preplan will get us started or continue us in the right direction."

, 18 Years in the Fire Service, City of Riverside Fire Dept. (CA) USAR CA-TF6

Firefighter Preplan is a must read for every firefighter who desires to take their career to the next level.  David provides a simple, yet effective, roadmap to success in the fire service.  As a chief officer, I provide a copy of this book to every firefighter that enters my department.

, Fort Leavenworth Fire Dept